About Us

About Us

Native Juice & Whole Foods is a natural progression from Rosina’s experience and interest in the wholefood and organic foods market and healthy living which continues to experience exceptional growth both worldwide and in the local Ghanaian market.


Meet the Founder

The Founder Rosina Roberts-Mensah is Ghanaian by birth and heritage but has lived and been educated in the UK from 1970 until returning to Ghana in 2000.  

The roots of Native Juice & Whole Foods Enterprise lie in Rosina’s desire to complement her choice of living a healthier lifestyle, which expands from not simply exercising but to include consuming organically grown foods and drinks.  This goes as far back as the 1990s when independent health food stores began to make an impression on the world’s consciousness and became what they are today.

In 2014, Rosina had a vision to indulge her passion of operating a health café which would prepare and serve healthy smoothies, juices, teas, coffee and snacks.  This vision became a reality when Rosina, together with a friend/business partner, started a healthy smoothie bar located inside one of Accra’s well established gyms.  In 2015, Rosina opted to pursue her other passion which is to start selling packaged organic, gluten free and whole foods.