Why Native Juice and Whole Foods Enterprise?

Native Juice & Whole Foods is a natural progression from Rosina’s interest in the wholefood and organic foods market and healthy living, which continues to experience exceptional growth, both worldwide and in the local Ghanaian market.

Before we started operating in 2014, it was difficult to find a good range of certified organic foods on the Ghanaian market.  Whilst a number of gyms were springing up, and people were taking their fitness more seriously, we felt that their hard work needed to be complemented with healthy eating.  Also, there is a growing number of people who are gluten and dairy intolerant, and vegans, and yet they could not find a variety of foods in the supermarkets. One year on, we are happy to say that we have grown in what we offer our customers and we shall continue to expand.  

We are also committed to expanding our home-grown products and have discovered a number of long forgotten gluten free grains which we will be bringing back to the dining table and introducing our children to healthy lifestyles.  Watch out for our monthly blogs where we will feature some of these products with their nutritional value as well as innovative recipes.

Aduane pa pa aba!! 


Our Services Include

  • Gluten free, organic and whole foods
  • Tailored detox programmes
  • Smoothies and fresh juices
  • Corporate and private functions
  • Organic and gluten free packaged foods such as quinoa, buckwheat, pasta, rice, seeds, cereals, snacks
  • Delivery services (within Accra and its Environs, The Mining Areas. We can also deliver to other regions)