I don’t know about you but for me, the Year 2020 started off with a big bang.

As CEO of Native Juice & Whole Foods, I reached a milestone and turned 60 in January.  This occasion was marked with me fulfilling a lifelong dream of going on a safari, which I did, in Tanzania. I had talked about doing this for such a long time and thankfully, I was able to realise this dream and got back home before flights were brought to an abrupt halt, due to the Corona virus pandemic (aka COVID-19).

Our trip was organized by Hamoud Rashid of MY HN TRAVEL (hamoud@myhntravel.co.tz)


Tanzania is in East Africa and borders Kenya and Uganda on the North, Rwanda, Burundi and DRC on the West and Zambia, Malawi and Mozambique on the South.

I didn't appreciate how vast the country is and how rich a culture it has.  The country has so much more to offer than just great scenery and animals.  Their art and market scenes were picturesque, vibrant and lively, as was the tranquility of the Indian Ocean.

I chose to go to Dar es Salaam for my first, of what I hope will be, many more trips to Tanzania.  One needs more than just two weeks to be able to explore and enjoy its natural beauty and people.  Besides, I have to attempt Mount Kilimanjaro.

This first time trip didn't disappoint. In Dar, we stayed at the Golden Tulip Oyster Bay, overlooking the tranquil Indian Ocean.

Zanzibar is a Tanzanian archipelago off the coast of East Africa. On its main island, Unguja, familiarly called Zanzibar, is Stone Town, a historic trade centre with Swahili and Islamic influences. It’s winding lanes present minarets, carved doorways and 19th-century landmarks such as the House of Wonders, a former sultan’s palace. The northern villages Nungwi and Kendwa have wide beaches lined with hotels (Source:  Wikipedia)

Zanzibar is just a two hour ferry ride from Dar es Salaam

ZANZIBAR was breathtaking.  It isn’t as developed as Dar but that didn’t matter.  The hospitality of the people, its ancient markets, Stone Town, and history were just what I always thought it would be. Just Magical!

We lodged at Kendwa Rocks Beach Resort; a beautiful sandy beach resort where we spent our days lazing on the beach, and day trips walking through their ancient streets, spice and fish markets.

A quick boat ride took us to Prison Island where giant tortoises are kept.

The oldest tortoise on the island was a 197 year old male. Its broken shell didn’t stop it from greeting the 1000s of visitors who wanted to meet it.

Both experiences will live with me forever.

Enough of my trip.  Let’s talk healthy lifestyle!


Business-wise, I came back refreshed with great vim and ready to take the bull by its horns with fresh ideas and strategies for the business.  Thankfully, the health food business in Accra, Ghana has grown for the better over the past year or so.  New shops have opened offering health foods, restaurants, cafés have also followed suit.  There are now various healthy options on offer when dining.



We introduced new products into the market such as Sea Moss, which sold really well and I hope it will be on our customer’s shopping list. (for more information on the benefits of sea moss, check our IG nativejuicegh)

They also make nice gifts.

WE have also added to our product line, locally sourced wild honey from the Northern Region of Ghana.   Consuming wild honey helps fight infections.  This is important especially as the body needs to build its immune system in order to fight and hopefully survive COVID-19.


Special points of interest:


We have infused the wild honey with spices such as cloves, cardamom seed, cinnamon, star anise, ginger.  To celebrate my love of chocolate, we also have wild honey with raw cacao nibs.  These go well with hot pancakes, oats, yogurt and ice-cream.


Whilst researching for new products, then entered COVID-19.  This virus has affected our lives, impacted our world and yes, it found its way to the shores of Ghana.

Businesses around the world have suffered and continue to suffer but we have decided to share some positives so that when this pandemic eventually eases we all will have learnt valuable lessons in the need to have high hygiene standards and the need to eat healthy foods which boost our immune systems.

Himalayan Pink Salt:

Whilst scientists are looking for a cure for COVID-19, what we do know is that this virus affects our respiratory glands.

Thankfully, nature also gives us many natural foods and minerals to help balance our bodies and it has been proven that adding Himalayan Pink Salt to your diet can:

Remember to stay healthy and safe!!  See you soon…